Pretty proud of this one.

Wordle 216 3/6


Finished Dune Messiah. Now on to Children of Dune!

What’s the best advice you have for a new software engineer during their first year on the job? Mistakes to avoid, habits to adopt, books to read, podcasts to listen to, educational resources to consult, etc. etc.?

Difficult one today!

Wordle 213 5/6


Ahh! By far my best Wordle yet!

Wordle 209 2/6

🟨🟨⬜🟨⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

Looking to cut our losses and sell our 2011 Honda CR-V. It starts and runs, but it’s got one cylinder with zero compression and its catalytic converter is going bad. Any suggestions for where/how to sell a used vehicle in this condition?

Anyone read this or the other volumes in the series? I love Farnam Street, and I’m wondering how far beyond the website the books go. Currently reading: The Great Mental Models Volume 1: General Thinking Concepts by Rhiannon Beaubien 📚

I’m SO excited to start work as a Software Engineer 1 for Proofpoint sometime next month! 😄

What books would you recommend for a theologically-trained person who is going through a crisis of faith? Doesn’t doubt God’s existence. Struggling w/God’s goodness and the ability of Christianity to make sense of the world.

Go Blue!

3 “matchmaking” job interviews today, thanks to the efforts of my coding boot camp (Tech Elevator)! A fintech startup, a trucking company, and a multinational IT consulting company! It’s so exciting to see how many different opportunities there are for junior developers!

Just doing a bit of light bedtime reading these days…


If anyone could use a Junior Developer who is new to tech, about to finish a full-stack bootcamp, and is eager to keep learning as a part of a team, please let me know!

I work with dead languages to help the living!

I’m a programmer/pastor who works with dead languages to help the living!

Whether it’s keeping a roomful of teenagers interested in how an ancient Hebrew text could improve their lives, or showing a roomful of clients how a web application could improve their business, I love solving people’s problems by working with languages that they themselves don’t speak! That’s how I combine a programmer’s eye for detail with a pastor’s heart for people.

I’m currently finishing up a full-stack Java web development boot camp at Tech Elevator. I’m looking for a Junior Developer role where I can continue to learn digital languages to help improve people’s lives. If you know of any opportunities that might be a good fit, please let me know! Thanks!

I don’t think I’ve ever been this unhappy with the Great British Bake Off judges! 😠

I was today years old when I learned that NFL games can end in a tie 🤷‍♂️

We just finished week 9 of 14 at my software development bootcamp (Tech Elevator), which means I get to start applying to developer jobs starting on Monday! 😅

Any tips and tricks for getting quicker at writing HTML and CSS? I’m trying to learn all the VS Code and Emmet keyboard shortcuts I can!

Today I’m grateful for: Everyone who has helped to make IntelliJ and VS Code. The real MVPs!!!

2 years ago this All Saints, I was ordained to the priesthood. It’s been a much different and more difficult beginning to my ordained ministry than I anticipated that happy day. Nevertheless, I trust that God will complete the good work he’s called me to.

“The number of holes in the test suite can be determined by measuring the volume and duration of the laughter of the programmers when the test suite passes. If the programmers laugh a lot, then the test suite has a lot of holes in it.”

— Clean Craftsmanship: Disciplines, Standards, and Ethics by Robert C. Martin

FYI, I’m back up on Twitter at @joshuapsteele. But I will be posting from my ( and auto-feeding it to Twitter. Cheers!

Want to learn more about philosophy? Check out the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, beautifully visualized here at Visualizing SEP