• Genuinely curious: What are the best accurate explanations of Critical Race Theory that you’ve come across? I’ve got “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” by Delgado and “Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed The Movement” on my radar. What else?

  • With great revelation comes great responsibility! Let judgment begin with the household of God.

  • Make Biblical Studies Theological Again

  • I’m looking for a decent ergonomic keyboard and mouse that I can use with my 2016 MacBook Pro. Any suggestions?

  • Gonna give this a try!

    The Kettlebell Mile www.strongfirst.com/the-kettl…

  • RevDev Design is now live! revdevdesign.com

  • Thoughts on this “RevDev Design” logo draft? Should I try to extend the tail of the “R” so that it stretches all the way to the right edge?

  • Hey micro.blog: What name sounds best for a website design/development agency? “RevDev” +

    1. Design
    2. Digital
    3. Media
    4. Studio

    Any other suggestions?

  • How do people who aren’t on Twitter know what they’re supposed to be angry about on any given day?

  • I wrote up a brief version of my philosophy of ministry. Read it here: www.joshuapsteele.com/portfolio…

  • Latest rough draft life plan: Move family to Pittsburgh by end of July. Do coding boot camp in person in the fall. Get hired as a Junior Developer by the end of the year, while keeping an eye out for Anglican pastoral ministry opportunities.

  • A church that is not self-critical is no church at all. Theology is the church’s self-critique of its proclamation of the gospel that it has received from God—on the basis of divine self-revelation! We ignore (or silence!) the prophets at our peril.

  • Very impressed by my 2yo daughter’s strength, courage, resilience, grit, etc…until she gets a runny nose. Prayers appreciated this evening!

  • Any Micro.Bloggers out there do a coding boot camp? I’m planning to do Tech Elevator’s this summer. Partially so I can fit in better with the Micro.Blog community! 😉 Oh, and also to get a job! 😏

  • What’s a good name for us “exvangelicals who don’t want to throw out the gospel baby with the fundamentalist bathwater”?

  • 💡Idea: “RevDevs: Pastor-programmers for all your web development and digital marketing needs.” 💻⛪️

  • The knowledge of good and evil is something that is properly God’s that humans improperly seized and now have in some way (Gen. 2-3). The Sermon on the Mount is the distillation/revelation of wisdom: the knowledge of good and evil that is proper for humans to have (Matt. 5-7).

  • Details matter, especially when it comes to discussing the Word of God! Don’t know just enough Bible to be dangerous. Familiarize yourself with both the forest and the trees. (Thoughts while reading Genesis 2:2-3.)

  • I’m looking for full-time work, church work, editorial work, or otherwise! My goal is to live somewhere in the Midwest or Northeast (nothing further south than Tennessee or North Carolina) and to make at least $60K/year plus benefits.

  • Any pastors/clergy out there interested in teaming up to start a web development & marketing agency? I’m thinking something with a “tentmaker” inspired name that could help us support our families while also serving the church.

  • What programming books are worth reading in 2021? I’m trying to teach myself into a web development job. Online resources are easy to find. But what books have either (1) stood the test of time or (2) are recent enough to be worth reading while learning webdev in 2021?

  • Starting weight: 216lbs on 2021-04-18. Goal: 185lbs on 2021-11-21. To help get back in shape, I want to lose at least 31lbs in 31 weeks. Committing to this publicly to help me make changes and stick with it. I’ll post occasional progress updates. Want to join me? Let’s go!

  • I want to learn how to become a web developer. I’m currently in the middle of learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by using Free Code Camp and Treehouse. What other steps should I take to potentially get hired as a Junior Developer in less than a year?

  • Are there any companies out there that actively seek out pastors/clergy to hire, to enable bivocational ministry? Just curious!

  • Thoughts on Atom vs. Sublime Text vs. VS Code vs. ??

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