Currently reading: The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller 📚 Has anyone else read this?

On the lookout for flash cards, preferably physical ones, that cover Design Patterns in software engineering. Has anyone seen something like this out there?

Seems like, at least in fiction, most villains are motivated by the fear of death.

Anyone on here have experience working with Okta’s Java SDK? I’m trying to figure out how to properly create test instances of certain classes (User, Group), given that every …Builder class needs a Client to do anything.

Still getting over COVID. Just found out that the kids’ daycare is closed for the week due to a teacher testing positive

As I’ve done countless times before, I’m helping lead musical worship this Sunday. Not really sure how to sing about God’s goodness after a week like this. But I can sing this song (might cry, though): “Rise Up” by Bifrost Arts…

Can these bones live?

I’ve spent my entire life within the broadly “evangelical” stream of the church in the USA. Witnessing the political radicalization and abandonment of theological discernment that this piece describes has been utterly heartbreaking, infuriating, and depressing. If I didn’t still believe in the resurrection, life, and lordship of Jesus, I would lose all hope here. Can these bones live? God only knows.…

Any advice for dealing with denominational depression and/or ecclesiastical homelessness?

Mentor me! If you’ve got a minute to spare, would you please answer at least one of these 11 questions for me? I’d especially love to hear from people in the community. Thanks!

Good news: God hates nothing He has made.

Goal: Get back to under 200lbs. Get back in shape, so that I have more energy for family, friends, work, etc. Current weight: 235lbs. Let’s go!

What if the real demonic possession, collapse of civilization, and loss of our collective sanity…were the “Like” and “Share” buttons we clicked along the way?

Don’t be a Denethor

Alan Jacobs: “It’s especially sad to me when I see so many ‘Christian conservatives’ who don’t conserve one single solitary thing and never speak of Christ — indeed show no evidence that they are aware of anything that Christ has commanded of us — and evidently assume that if they hate the right people hard enough the Earthly Paradise will miraculously emerge. It won’t.” Denethor the impious – Snakes and Ladders

Good things come in threes, right?!? We just found out that Baby Steele #3 is on the way!

What do you want?

Anyone hear or preach a Barthian sermon on The Prodigal Son today? The Son of God went into the far country, our far country of sin and death, in order that he might bring us back to God.

When was the last time you felt inspired—or at least marginally more optimistic—after listening to an elected official in your country speak? Just curious, because these instances have been quite rare in my own experience.

On the lookout for an affordable standing desk. Height-adjustable. Capable of handling a dual monitor setup. Any recs?

I want to make and consume software that doesn’t suck, theology that doesn’t suck, and coffee that doesn’t suck. Also I want to use paper, pens, and pencils that don’t suck. Where are my people? My fellow travelers? Anyone else?

Hey, has anyone pointed a psalm/canticle, Anglican chant-style, to the Halo theme? Just curious.

Non pascere troglodytae.

What’s the best overview of world religions that you’ve ever read?

Currently reading: The New Testament by David Bentley Hart 📚

What’s the best book about ethics that you’ve ever read?

Looking for Sergei Bulgakov reading recs. Where is a good place to start? The Sophiology of Death? Someplace else?