Nonviolent Communication

When I hear how I communicate and how others communicate, I frequently feel distressed and overwhelmed by my/our inability to separate observations from evaluations and to clearly express our feelings and needs. If you’ve ever noticed the same thing or felt the same way, would you consider joining me in reading this important book? Communication is difficult, but I feel confident that we can all improve our lives by communicating with clarity and compassion. #communication #nonviolentcommunication

It should never be over 80F in September. It should never be over 70F in October through, I don’t know, May.

Who can I pay to clean-up this “JPS” design into a couple .svg and .png files that I can then use in any way I want? I’m also open to other “JS” or “JPS” suggestions, but right now this lowercase cursive one is my favorite!

I love the idea of Derek Sivers’s “Tech Independence” guide here:

I know it’s not “indie” at all, but I’m curiousious what the closest AWS equivalents of his Vultr and OpenBSD options would be. Anyone know off the top of their head?

My favorite part of parenting young children is definitely the peace and quiet

“Instead of asking yourself whether you believe or not, ask yourself whether you have this day done one thing because he said, Do it, or once abstained because he said, Do not do it. It is simply absurd to say you believe, or even want to believe in him, if you do not anything he tells you.”

I’m a lifelong Wolverines fan, and I’m still getting used to Michigan having a good football team. 😅 Go Blue!

Gentlemen, I’d like to think about the Roman Empire more often. What should I read? (I’ve mainly been exposed to Roman history via New Testament studies.)

Working on a “developer experience” project. If you’re a software dev, what do you like or dislike about the “DevEx” at your company? How’s onboarding? Knowledge sharing? Do you have an internal developer portal/platform? #DeveloperExperience #DevEx #DX #SoftwareEngineering

My 2016 MacBook Pro is dying on me. What should I get to replace it?

🎼🎶”Wake me up…when it feels like Fall again…”🎵🍁🍂

I’m looking for good ideas for an AWS learning project. I’ve been studying for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam, but I’d like to get some more hands-on experience with services like Lambda and Kinesis. What are some things I could build to maximize learning? (Keeping costs reasonably low)

What are you excited about these days?

Supplementing my history education

My own history education (at least outside of the ANE and Greco-Roman history of my biblical/theological studies) was inadequate. I’m trying to supplement that now with various sources. I’m excited to read more from this open-source USA history project called The American Yawp:…

Check it out and let me know what you think! Also, let me know if you’ve got any other good historical reading recommendations.

This is a fantastic essay on how to do great work! If you can make it all the way to the end, please let me know and let’s talk about it!…

Currently reading: Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs and Practices by Scott Gunn 📚

MWAA: Make the Weather Autumnal Again 🍁🍂

💻🧙 Command line wizards! What are the most useful aliases, functions, etc. in your config files? I’m looking for ways to improve my workflows re: AWS, docker, k8s, mysql, env vars, ssh, checking logs in various places, etc.

“Christian” Nationalism is anti-Christ.

Forget the means of production. Seize the means of distraction!