• Anyone have a favorite Git commands cheat sheet? Favorite Bash/Command Line cheat sheet? I’m thinking something that a newbie developer (like myself) might print off and have next to their computer.

  • Book reviews should not be nearly as long as the book being reviewed.

  • The Sermon on the Mount is the true knowledge of good and evil.

    In Genesis 1-3, Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command, grasping after the knowledge of good and evil out of self-justifying, divided motives. They wanted to serve God, but on their own terms.

    This led to division — between God, creation, other humans, and our very selves — yielding the kind of world where the Beatitudes are shocking observations.

    But, in Matthew 5-7, Christ calls us back to wholeness. Single minded obedience — especially in “secret,” vs. public attempts to earn both God’s favor and human admiration (double-minded religion!).

    Will we receive this knowledge of good and evil as enough? Or will we use our usurped “knowledge” to try to get behind and beyond the word of the Lord?

  • Chilly mornings are a gift from God.

  • I once ate oatmeal 2-3 times a day for an entire year. 🥣

  • What’s a good drip coffee maker for $100 or less? Don’t always feel like using my Chemex or Aeropress in the morning…

  • True Christian freedom is the freedom to lay one’s life down for the sake of others. Christ sets us free FROM the heart turning in on itself. We are free FOR our neighbor.

  • Excited to begin my coding bootcamp soon! I’m in Tech Elevator’s full-stack Java cohort.

  • Internet! What’s the best ergonomic mouse (to help with wrist pain) for the money? Right now, I’m using a Logitech M720 wireless.

  • If you have an Apple Watch, do you like it? Is it worth the money? What do you use it for?

  • Rats. My upcoming Tech Elevator 14-week coding boot camp will now be online vs. in-person. An understandable decision, due to COVID, but still a bummer. Please get vaccinated!!

  • Christian musical worship in church should feel distinctly different from a concert. Christian sermons should sound distinctly different from lectures or motivational speeches. We’re gathered to worship the Triune God, hear his Holy Word proclaimed, and partake of his sacraments.

  • If you’re familiar with The Screwtape Letters, then “Dear Wormwood” by The Oh Hellos is such a beautiful song. It’s written to Wormwood from the perspective of the human he’s tempted. Give it a listen. youtu.be/t2XeSwO9H…

  • I’m looking for a good, short book to read on my Kindle while traveling on a short business trip. Suggestions?

  • What are the best books on mindfulness out there?

  • Praise God, from whom all chilly mornings flow!

  • Still looking for work.

  • Genuinely curious: What are the best accurate explanations of Critical Race Theory that you’ve come across? I’ve got “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” by Delgado and “Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed The Movement” on my radar. What else?

  • I’m looking for a decent ergonomic keyboard and mouse that I can use with my 2016 MacBook Pro. Any suggestions?

  • Gonna give this a try!

    The Kettlebell Mile www.strongfirst.com/the-kettl…

  • I wrote up a brief version of my philosophy of ministry. Read it here: www.joshuapsteele.com/portfolio…

  • Latest rough draft life plan: Move family to Pittsburgh by end of July. Do coding boot camp in person in the fall. Get hired as a Junior Developer by the end of the year, while keeping an eye out for Anglican pastoral ministry opportunities.

  • Very impressed by my 2yo daughter’s strength, courage, resilience, grit, etc…until she gets a runny nose. Prayers appreciated this evening!

  • Any Micro.Bloggers out there do a coding boot camp? I’m planning to do Tech Elevator’s this summer. Partially so I can fit in better with the Micro.Blog community! 😉 Oh, and also to get a job! 😏

  • What’s a good name for us “exvangelicals who don’t want to throw out the gospel baby with the fundamentalist bathwater”?

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