Cracks knuckles Time to climb the career ladder faster than ChatGPT! “Hey ChatGPT, how do I climb…”

Who’s the “Boss Troll™️” of your denomination?

Boulevardier. 2oz whiskey. 1oz Campari. 1oz sweet vermouth. 🥃💯

Kids: “Are we there yet?”

Parents: “Is it bedtime yet?”

Welp, I had Kansas playing Purdue in the final, so… 🤷‍♂️🏀

Mmm. Sorry, Purdue fans

Show your pastor, bishop, etc. the same level of trust that they show to those who come forward with accusations of abuse. Don’t just blindly follow a pulpit, collar, or mitre if they don’t demonstrate concern for the vulnerable.

Fellas, manly men don’t whine about a “war on men.” Real men dismantle the patriarchy.

Lasso’s still got it ⚽️🤠

Just subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. Who else out there is doing some cool stuff with ChatGPT?


I did it. I bought a Burke Bar and a Stanley “Fubar III” Utility Bar. If anyone needs anything demolished, please let me know :)

Defund Daylight Saving Time. Standard Time all the time. Wake up, people! ⏰⏰⏰

“Sorry, Pippin, but I don’t think they serve second breakfast in hell, either…”

Sorry, but the anti-“woke” ends don’t justify the anti-Christ means. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall own the libs, and lose his own soul?”

Church request! “A liturgy for the timely release of an abuse investigation report, accompanied by the contract that guided the investigation.” Needs a catchier title though. Perhaps “A Liturgy for the Avoidance of Millstones”? Let judgment begin with the household of God.

In Romans 1:18-32, Paul is rehashing Jewish stereotypes of Gentile sinners. He’s getting the “you,” the “judge,” of ch. 2 to nod along and say “Amen!” before springing the trap at 2:1. Can’t help but wonder what kind of Christian stereotypes of “sinners” Paul would draw on today!

Resisting the urge to buy an enormous pry bar that I have no immediate need for

Given what Paul’s doing in Romans 1-2 (It’s a trap!), it’s pastoral malpractice to preach the “clobber passage” of 1.18-32 without also talking about chapter 2’s critique of self-righteousness. I’d love to hear a sermon that replicates Paul’s rhetorical trap.

Devs! Share your favorite command line tools. What are your most useful shell scripts, aliases, functions, etc.?

Houses cost too much, y’all. What if we all just agreed to lower house prices?

My “almost a Ph.D.” Masters degree arrived! I’ve mastered divinity and now the arts. 😄🥳

The readings for the First Sunday in Lent, Year A are one of the best combinations in the lectionary. Genesis 2. Psalm 32. Romans 5. Matthew 4. Brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard them together in a service.

What’s something you’re excited about or looking forward to?

What’s your favorite way/place to get new (to you) #tools? I’m on the lookout for the following tools: