• Deleting Facebook and Twitter. I’ll keep my micro.blog for now.

  • Extremely discouraged today. I covet your prayers.

  • How do you pronounce the name “Cyril” as in “Cyril of Alexandria”? “SIH-rill,” “SIGH-rill,” or some other way?

  • Christian musical worship in church should feel distinctly different from a concert. Christian sermons should sound distinctly different from lectures or motivational speeches. We’re gathered to worship the Triune God, hear his Holy Word proclaimed, and partake of his sacraments.

  • If you’re familiar with The Screwtape Letters, then “Dear Wormwood” by The Oh Hellos is such a beautiful song. It’s written to Wormwood from the perspective of the human he’s tempted. Give it a listen. youtu.be/t2XeSwO9H…

  • I’m looking for a good, short book to read on my Kindle while traveling on a short business trip. Suggestions?

  • Hey internet: what’s the best, non-heretical analysis out there of the recent controversies about Eternal Subordination in the Trinity? I know Mike Bird discusses it in his Evangelical Theology (2nd edition). Where else would you send people who want an orthodox overview?

  • The resurrection is not an atonement afterthought. It changes everything!

  • What are the best books on mindfulness out there?

  • Praise God, from whom all chilly mornings flow!

  • No one with a reputation of being arrogant, impatient, quarrelsome, or greedy should be ordained.

  • Still looking for work.

  • Anyone else out there love/use both Obsidian and Logos Bible Software? I’m just trying to find my people!

  • Hey Bible people: How do NIDOTTE and NIDNTTE compare to TDOT and TDNT? I’ve got the latter pair and am looking for a deal on the former pair. But also curious whether/what they add when doing exegesis.

  • Genuinely curious: What are the best accurate explanations of Critical Race Theory that you’ve come across? I’ve got “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” by Delgado and “Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed The Movement” on my radar. What else?

  • With great revelation comes great responsibility! Let judgment begin with the household of God.

  • Make Biblical Studies Theological Again

  • I’m looking for a decent ergonomic keyboard and mouse that I can use with my 2016 MacBook Pro. Any suggestions?

  • Gonna give this a try!

    The Kettlebell Mile www.strongfirst.com/the-kettl…

  • RevDev Design is now live! revdevdesign.com

  • Thoughts on this “RevDev Design” logo draft? Should I try to extend the tail of the “R” so that it stretches all the way to the right edge?

  • Hey micro.blog: What name sounds best for a website design/development agency? “RevDev” +

    1. Design
    2. Digital
    3. Media
    4. Studio

    Any other suggestions?

  • How do people who aren’t on Twitter know what they’re supposed to be angry about on any given day?

  • I wrote up a brief version of my philosophy of ministry. Read it here: www.joshuapsteele.com/portfolio…

  • Latest rough draft life plan: Move family to Pittsburgh by end of July. Do coding boot camp in person in the fall. Get hired as a Junior Developer by the end of the year, while keeping an eye out for Anglican pastoral ministry opportunities.

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