Which "elevator pitch" do you like better?

Which “elevator pitch” do you like better?

A: “Hi! I’m Joshua Steele and I’m a translator for hire. Whether it’s Spanish, German, or Java, I love working with languages to solve people’s problems. That’s what got me out of bed in the morning as an editor, researcher, and communicator. And that’s why I’m a Java web development student at Tech Elevator. I’m investing in myself so that I can be a good investment for your company. I can talk with clients, colleagues, and computers to turn painful problems into profitable solutions. After Tech Elevator, I want to continue learning languages by joining a software development team. I want to work with colleagues and mentors who can help me take my problem-solving communication skills to the next level.”

B: “Hi! I’m Joshua Steele and I’m a pastor-programmer who works with dead languages to help the living! Whether it’s showing a congregation how an ancient text could improve their lives or showing clients how a web application could improve their business, I love solving people’s problems by working with languages that they don’t speak! That’s how I combine an editor’s eye for detail with a pastor’s heart for people. I’m currently a full-stack web development student at Tech Elevator. After I graduate, I want to join a software development team where I can continue to learn digital languages to help improve people’s lives.”

Is there a good word (perhaps in German?) for the pleasantly surprised feeling you get after successfully running a piece of code—when you had previously thought that said code might very well blow up?

“Do not be anxious.” I find few things more difficult to do!

Greater JOMO has no one than this: that one lay down their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles for their sanity.

Why is it still so warm in October?

Woof. Didn’t expect to like Jamie Tartt so much more than Nate what’s-his-name right now! #believe

Finally got some round glasses like two of my heroes: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Harry Potter 🥸

Wait, did something happen with Facebook yesterday? Ignorance is BLISS, my friends!

October is the best month of the year. . . . Also, my birthday is on the 17th. Just sayin’.

Anyone have opinions about using Jekyll and GitHub to get a static site up and running? What’s your favorite, quickest, easiest way to get a simple and good-looking website up?

I will now be referring to famous theologian Karl Barth as “Kash Money Karl”: www.tmj4.com/sports/ry…

It’s chilly again! This better not be another fake Fall…

Y’all can I just say how wonderful micro.blog’s quiet, peaceful vibe is?! I quit Facebook and Twitter a few weeks ago and it is just so nice not even knowing what I should be mad about on any given day.

Officially a Steelers fan now. We live in Pittsburgh. My last name is Steele. It just makes sense! 🏈

Alright, time to figure out how to write a decimal to binary converter in Java!

Sigh. I have a lot riding on each week’s Ted Lasso episode. And this week’s was…not my favorite.

Week 1 of my Tech Elevator Java boot camp has gone well! We’ve covered bash/command line, Git, variables, data types, expressions, type conversion, boolean expressions, conditional code, blocks, methods, arrays, and loops! Today we learn how to build command line programs!

Anyone have a favorite Git commands cheat sheet? Favorite Bash/Command Line cheat sheet? I’m thinking something that a newbie developer (like myself) might print off and have next to their computer.

Book reviews should not be nearly as long as the book being reviewed.

The Sermon on the Mount is the true knowledge of good and evil.

In Genesis 1-3, Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command, grasping after the knowledge of good and evil out of self-justifying, divided motives. They wanted to serve God, but on their own terms.

This led to division — between God, creation, other humans, and our very selves — yielding the kind of world where the Beatitudes are shocking observations.

But, in Matthew 5-7, Christ calls us back to wholeness. Single minded obedience — especially in “secret,” vs. public attempts to earn both God’s favor and human admiration (double-minded religion!).

Will we receive this knowledge of good and evil as enough? Or will we use our usurped “knowledge” to try to get behind and beyond the word of the Lord?

Chilly mornings are a gift from God.

I once ate oatmeal 2-3 times a day for an entire year. 🥣

What’s a good drip coffee maker for $100 or less? Don’t always feel like using my Chemex or Aeropress in the morning…

True Christian freedom is the freedom to lay one’s life down for the sake of others. Christ sets us free FROM the heart turning in on itself. We are free FOR our neighbor.

Excited to begin my coding bootcamp soon! I’m in Tech Elevator’s full-stack Java cohort.