I’m working on a post and a talk about what I’m learning about software testing. Please give me some feedback! www.craft.do/s/inyiVOU…

Best things to do in Ann Arbor, MI? Wife and I are going for an overnight getaway, sans kids, in a few weeks.

I’ve decided not to finish my PhD. One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, but I trust that it’s what’s best for me and my family. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Wheaton’s program. And I’m grateful they’re giving me an MA in Theology for coursework completed

PSA: Real men dismantle the patriarchy.

Looking for a good backyard firepit option. Any recommendations?

It’s a lonely world out there. How do you stay in touch with like-hearted people for encouragement, advice, etc.? In person? Email? Phone? Txt? Social media? What’s worked for you?

It’s crazy how the Mediterranean is named after Middle-earth

Investment Advice from the Dishonest Manager

In light of eternity, Christians should invest their resources in a different way than the world, by being generous and faithful with what we’ve been given—especially to the powerless who cannot pay them back on this side of heaven. joshuapsteele.com/wp-conten…

Christians welcome immigrants as beloved image-bearers of God, for the story of the sojourner is a central part of our story. Disciples of Jesus do not despise, demonize, dehumanize, or drive immigrants around as political stunts.

Anyone out there using Post-It notes and a kanban board to manage their household? If so, how’s it going? Any recs? I’m thinking about buying a big whiteboard and a bunch of Post-Its.

Christian nationalism is an oxymoron. The good news is that Jesus is Lord of every nation, tribe, people, & tongue. The boundaries of his Kingdom cut right across every other allegiance. A Christianity that does not embrace Ephesians 2 and Revelation 7 is no Christianity at all.

What’s the most consistently useful physical Bible you’ve ever owned?

My fellow Americans! Who’s doing the best thinking, writing, speaking, etc. on preventing the USA from falling to outraged partisan pieces? Pluralism, not polarization. I’m helping a friend with a project and we’re looking for like-hearted conspirators to save the union. 🇺🇸📜✍️

Huzzah! Excited to finally read these Tolkien volumes.

What are the most useful podcast episodes you’ve ever listened to?

I love Tolkien but, for the life of me, I can’t keep all the Fin-what’s-his-face elf names straight. Idk what it is about the “Fin” syllable but they all just blend together in my brain. Anyone have any helpful mnemonics?

I think Queen Elizabeth 2 did a fine job with the job she was given. However, someone please explain this to me like I’m 5: What is the point of the monarchy part of a constitutional monarchy in the year of our Lord 2022? Why spend so much money on rulers with no real power?

OK, internet: You’ve got 2 young kids w/a 3rd on the way. Grandparents are watching the kids overnight in Toledo, Ohio. You’ve got 36-ish hours for a getaway with your spouse. It’s mid-October. Where do you go and what do you do? Ann Arbor? Detroit? Give me your recs.

“Commander’s Intent is a much better method of delegating tasks: whenever you assign a task to someone, tell them why it must be done. The more your agent understands the purpose behind your actions, the better they’ll be able to respond appropriately when the situation changes.” (Josh Kaufman, The Personal MBA)

“Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. The same way that money multiplies through compound interest, the effects of your habits multiply as you repeat them. They seem to make little difference on any given day and yet the impact they deliver over the months and years can be enormous. It is only when looking back two, five, or perhaps ten years later that the value of good habits and the cost of bad ones becomes strikingly apparent.” (James Clear, Atomic Habits)

Make it simpler!

“Be sensitive to indications that your program is hard to understand. Any discomfort is a clue. If it’s hard for you, it will be even harder for the next programmers. They’ll appreciate the extra effort you make to improve it. If you’re figuring out code instead of reading it, it’s too complicated. If it’s hard, it’s wrong. Make it simpler.” (Code Complete)

“Every book should be read no more slowly than it deserves, and no more quickly than you can read it with satisfaction and comprehension.” (Charles Van Doren, Mortimer J. Adler, How to Read a Book)

“The first mistake is never the one that ruins you. It is the spiral of repeated mistakes that follows. Missing once is an accident. Missing twice is the start of a new habit.” (James Clear, Atomic Habits)

I want to make my own bookshelves. Don’t really care what they look like, as long as they’re cheap and very sturdy. Any suggestions? 🪵🪚📐📚

How good are Tolkien’s Unfinished Tales? I’ve read The Silmarillion multiple times, but never Unfinished Tales. 📚