• Why does the basketball game start so late tonight? What, do they think we’re all still college students or something? 😂 #oldsoul #inbedby930

  • I need some new work/study/focus music. Suggestions?

  • The Resurrection is not an afterthought to the atonement. It is no mere sign that the “Cross check” didn’t bounce. Instead, the Resurrection of Christ is the firstfruit and forestaste of our redemption—an unbreakable promise made from the other side of the promise-breaking grave.

  • Reading through the past year’s journal entries. On Barth and Bonhoeffer, 2020-05-27: “Are they just adding the Bible to their dialectical machinations to lend legitimacy to their BS?” 😂😭

  • Testing!

    This is a test of the new micro.blog integration in Ulysses 22!

  • Anyone use Ghost? Thoughts on how it stacks up vs Wordpress and Squarespace? I use Wordpress for my personal site and Anglican Compass. I use Squarespace for my new 80/20 Tools project. But Ghost looks really tempting!

  • Wood and Nails


    The kingdom’s come and built upon wood and nails gripped with joyfulness, So send me out, within Your ways knowing that the task is finished. The dead will rise and give You praise - wood and nails will not hold them down! These wooden tombs, we’ll break them soon and fashion them into flower beds, The curse is done, the battle won swords bent down into plowshares, Your scar-borne hands, we’ll join with them, serving at the table You’ve prepared.

  • Hey! Before you post that next Twitter thread, why don’t you just go start a blog instead? Micro.blog is a great, easy way to own your own digital real estate instead of just sharecropping for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • “Anti-woke” = “woke about the systemic spread of ‘wokeness,’” “racism is not systemic, CRT/wokeness/‘Cultural Marxism’ is,” No?

  • I’m on Instagram as 8020tools. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. www.instagram.com/invites/c…

  • A year ago today, I was the Celebrant at the Eucharist. It was only my 2nd or 3rd time celebrating HC as a priest. I had no idea that we would be “meeting” via Zoom for (at least) the following year! I wish I could go back and savor that gathering even more. Lord, have mercy.

  • “Rhapsody in Blue” and “An American in Paris” are two of my favorite pieces of music.

  • “The Bully Pulpit: Does Your Pastor Pass the 2 Timothy 2 Test?”

  • 10 Products I Could Sell #10ideas

    I just finished reading James Altucher’s “Skip the Line” this morning, and I’m going to try to follow his advice of making yourself write down 10 ideas every day to exercise your “creativity muscle.”

    1. How to Pray the Anglican Way: A Guide to the Daily Office (book/course)
    2. True Confessions of a Ph.D. Dropout: How to Read, Think, Write, and Fail (book/course; no, I haven’t officially dropped-out yet)
    3. A modular workout system that allows you to squat, bench, pullup, kettlebell, and mace; Or perhaps just a safe way to turn a kettlebell into a mace by attaching a handle securely (physical product/bundle)
    4. How to Preach from a Manuscript and Have it Not Suck! (book/course)
    5. Read a Book and Go to Bed! A Guide to the Good Life (book/course)
    6. Advice for Fat Nerds: What I’ve Learned So Far (book/course)
    7. The Template Toolkit: 25 Reusable Frameworks for a Better Life (book/course)
    8. Steele Stationery (physical product/bundle of The Best Pen Ever, The Best Pencil Ever, and The Best Notebook Ever)
    9. Sunday School for Almost Atheists: An Introduction (or a Farewell) to Christian Theology (book/course)
    10. Read This Before It’s Too Late: 18 Things I Wish I Knew at 18 (book/course)
  • OK, y’all. I’ve been using Roam Research for a bit. Do I switch to Obsidian? Or stick it out with Roam?! (Mainly asking because so many people on micro.blog use Obsidian, apparently.)

  • Idea: Anglican lifestyle magazine for millennials and GenX, called “Riper Years”

  • If you need to learn a research language (looking at you, German!!!), you should check out the courses at Erasmus Academy: www.erasmusacademy.com It’s how I got started with German, and it prepared me very well for my PhD translation exam! Let them know that I sent you!

  • INTERNET! I could use your help: buttondown.email/joshuapst…

  • Carpentry sounds fun 🪵🪚🔨✏️🗜🧰

  • Where do all the trolls train? Who edits and publishes their playbook? Are there any ecumenical discussions going on between trolls of various denominations? I have so many questions!

  • PSA: Learn what “sealioning” is. Don’t do it. Avoid sea lions online. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seal…

  • I sometimes wonder what a “red team” analysis of the ACNA would look like. If things were to completely fall to pieces in the next few years, what would the causes and the fault lines be? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_…

  • With my top strengths of Input, Intellection, Learner, Ideation, & Analytical, I’m tempted to follow Brian Clark’s advice and focus on content curation to make money. My roadblock is finding a profitable topic. Not sure if people will pay for theology or Anglicanism!

  • Are there any good books out there about feeling “ecclesiastically homeless”?

  • What’s the best, fairest, most detailed theological critique of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer? I keep hearing and reading vague “more revolutionary than evolutionary” critiques, but would love to read a theologically nuanced and detailed critique.

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