Big ol’ “JK” to the April 1st “I’m now a Trump supporter” post yesterday!

I think Trump is a pathological liar, wannabe dictator, and a genuine threat to democracy. I’ve got plenty of religious/theological objections to him and his policies, but, even as just a red-blooded American, I think he’s a huge embarrassment to the country, an abandonment of what’s admirable and honorable about the USA experiment.

The descent of the Republican Party and large swaths of American “evangelicalism” into full-throated Trump-ism is one of the saddest and most frustrating things I’ve witnessed in my lifetime.

I’m no fanboy for Biden and the DNC. I wish we had younger candidates on the ballot. I wish we had more than just 2 dominant political parties. I wish we had more candidates that represent a consistently pro-life ethic that, yes, protects the unborn and seeks to reduce the overall number of abortions, but also protects the rights of women, children, poor, minorities, immigrants, LGBTQ+, etc.

Nevertheless, I think it’s a mistake to reduce someone’s vote for president to any one issue. And I reject the idea that Biden and Trump are equivalently bad, or that the GOP and the DNC are equivalently flawed and dangerous to the country right now.

I think Joe Biden has done a decent job as president. I think concerns about his age, memory, etc., have been overblown. I think that critiques of the economy under his leadership have been overblown, and that the real state of the economy is much better than people tend to paint it.

I think that Joe Biden is much closer to the kind of reasonable political middle ground that this country needs. Much further away from extremism on the Left than Trump and his ilk are from extremism on the Right.

I think that, despite his flaws, Joe Biden is much less of a threat to democracy and to the overall welfare of our country and the world than Donald Trump is.

So, I plan to vote for Joe Biden again this November. And I think that others should vote for Joe Biden, too.