I just finished reading James Altucher’s “Skip the Line” this morning, and I’m going to try to follow his advice of making yourself write down 10 ideas every day to exercise your “creativity muscle.”

  1. How to Pray the Anglican Way: A Guide to the Daily Office (book/course)
  2. True Confessions of a Ph.D. Dropout: How to Read, Think, Write, and Fail (book/course; no, I haven’t officially dropped-out yet)
  3. A modular workout system that allows you to squat, bench, pullup, kettlebell, and mace; Or perhaps just a safe way to turn a kettlebell into a mace by attaching a handle securely (physical product/bundle)
  4. How to Preach from a Manuscript and Have it Not Suck! (book/course)
  5. Read a Book and Go to Bed! A Guide to the Good Life (book/course)
  6. Advice for Fat Nerds: What I’ve Learned So Far (book/course)
  7. The Template Toolkit: 25 Reusable Frameworks for a Better Life (book/course)
  8. Steele Stationery (physical product/bundle of The Best Pen Ever, The Best Pencil Ever, and The Best Notebook Ever)
  9. Sunday School for Almost Atheists: An Introduction (or a Farewell) to Christian Theology (book/course)
  10. Read This Before It’s Too Late: 18 Things I Wish I Knew at 18 (book/course)