@patrickrhone Wow, thanks for sharing this! I've been a Christian my entire life and, though I've read the entire Bible, I don't think I've ever just read the whole thing start to finish (without jumping around and whatnot).

HOWEVER, I've been finding faith in general very difficult recently, so I'm going to read the whole Bible cover to cover as kind of a faith reset/shakeup.

I'm going to read Robert Alter's translation of "The Hebrew Bible" and re-read David Bentley Hart's translation of "The New Testament". Both translators are focused on the Bible as literature, paying closer attention to variances in style, tone, etc. (and making some bolder translation choices) than is often the case with standard translations that are done by committees.

@macgreg Yes! I just noticed this yesterday.

@MultoGhost Nice. The closest I come to a commonplace book is using Readwise's Reader (https://readwise.io/read) with Obsidian MD notes (https://obsidian.md/). I can save almost anything to Reader, and then my highlights get automatically imported into a special folder in my Obsidian vault.

@Miraz Woohoo! We sure do love our Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

@toddgrotenhuis Hear, hear!