I’ll keep this short, sweet, and to the point: I’m looking for problems that I can help solve, so I need you to rant at me in the comments.

That’s right, I basically want you to complain to me in the comments section of this post.

  • What's causing you frustration, angst, or stress these days?
  • What questions are you struggling to find the answers to?
  • What obstacles are in the way of you achieving your goals?

Here’s MY problem/frustration: I don’t know what problems are causing YOU the most friction!

I don’t feel like wasting my time researching and writing about things that only I care about.

So, help me help you: Leave me a comment below and tell me what’s frustrating you.

Think it’s too random? Unrelated to what I’d be interested in? Try me.

If I can’t help you solve your problem/frustration, I can help you find someone who can.

So, what are you waiting for? Rant at me in the comments!

(Or, if it’s a more private matter, send me an email. Put “joshua,” then the @ symbol, then joshuapsteele.com and voila! You’ve got my email address.)