The following is an original Mother’s Day poem of mine, that I wrote for my mom (the best mom ever, of course) back in 2009. It’s called “From a Grateful Son,” and I hope that you enjoy it.

From a Grateful Son - A Poem for My Mother

Thank you, Mom, for having me that day so long ago. Thank you, then, for holding me and now for letting go. Thank you, Mom, for giving me your patience, time, and care. And thank you, Mom, for loving me for always being there –

Thanks so much for teaching me both how to read and write. For every single grueling day and every sleepless night. Thank you, Mom, for aiming high, for helping me succeed. For never letting me forget that you believe in me.

Mom, you mean so much to me. My words cannot convey The debt of love, of care-filled work That I should rightly pay. Though distance, time, and life itself may take me far away, I’ll always be your little boy with these three words to say –

“I love you.”

(For another original poem of mine, check out “A Valediction.”)

What’s next? Well, whether you enjoyed the poem or not - or whether or not Mother’s Day is even nearby on the calendar - I think you know what you should go and do next after reading this post:

Call Your Mother! :)